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Storichain Make Story Industry Value Chain as well

today we going to review another blockchain project!please read below to know more ūüôā

Introduce ,


the new era innovation of technology make provides the ecosystem in more project as well and then the impact of technology will make the value of project growing , we know demand is still increasing and then everytime more project will come.

the technology implementation make the establishing the quality on the services , do you know guys services is very important so it must to notice to all people in the world , and then manage the risk , control interactions and make organizing the platform, in today do you know guys Story industry is very popular and demand on there is very high so we must to learn and knowledge for find best on solutions of Story Industry in future .

today we will present the solution of Story Industry for better lets to know Storichain

Do you know Storichain?

Storichain is the new innovation on make the Story industry value chain for better in future we can see provides of the st storichain e decentralized dApp so that willl make establishing on the platform and then use protocol system that make as well for solving all problem on story industry , Storichain giving the good services and then storichain have a good implementation of technology.

blockhain technology make the establishing the Storichain platform as well and then growing the value of the Storichain , with blockchain technology all quality for giving the services for all user as well , and then management on the risk very well .

do you want to see the product on Storichain on there we can share with all community or user on the platform likes stories every day , webtoons and then web novels , plays , movies , musicals , i think this is make all user comfortable for became on ther platform , and interaction all writer and readers as well because the platform is transparancy.

do you want to see the feature of Storichain :

  1. the performance of Storichain on Optimized as well for all creators , and then co-work. co-writer , is can provides the contents . and weekly compensation
  2. the platfom easy for use and operating , and then fast performance writing on the platform
  3. every day is can getting the statistic jobs and updating
  4. the platform is transparancy so that will impact easy for controling all interactions
  5. getting benefits likes became for readers, or writer on the platform
  6. Platform is can use in every where and then is can to translated

See the services above you can see totally support services from Storichain is very well and then all component for running for giving the services performance as well. and then with the great of technology make establish the platform .

Detail of team Storichain :

  1. Junes Lee , Co-Founder & Ceo
  2. Yoonchul Chung ,CCO
  3. Jin Young Choi , CTO
  4. Sang Wook Kim , CSO
  5. Sang Hoon Han , Lawyer
  6. Mickey Choi , CBO
  7. James Lee , Chief Engineer , Co Founder
  8. Tae Seok Yang , Accountant
  9. Effy Song , Communication Director
  10. Chang Gyo Kim ,SF Fiction Writer
  11. Kcod Kyung ,Developed
  12. Hong Yeop Choi , Developer
  13. Bohun Jeong , Business Strategy
  14. Sang Joon Park , Content Strategy Producer


  1. Jang Ho Lee , Film Director
  2. Dr. Myung Sung Lee , Consultant
  3. Sung Jun Park , Doctor Of Cryptology
  4. Jong Yoon Ro , Film Producer
  5. Hee Won Jung , Ceo Of AnySign
  6. Dong Sam Byun , Blockchain Expert
  7. Shakil Muhammad , Blockchain Expert

Detail of Storichain :

Website : https://storichain.io/

Whitepaper : https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1s902dyb4msuSu4dcg-9tlqE8vVcxC2Kb

Bounty Thread : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5158251

Telegram : https://t.me/storichain_en

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/storichain

Twitter : https://twitter.com/storichain

Medium : https://medium.com/storichain

Contact us : contact@storicha.in

my bct- https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=852092

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