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Investa Banking Ecosystem-investa ico

Investa offers a unique platform of complimentary crypto services which work in tandem to enable our users to manage and invest their Crypto in a managed portfolio. Investa has been engineered to offer best in class crypto fund management, ICO investment, lending, prepaid debit card and ATM network. Investa gives you the power of an ecosystem of crypto fintech from within a mobile app. For the first time, you can move, manage, invest, exchange and lend your crypto by simply clicking and interacting with the app. Investa offers the oversight of professional fund and asset managers to help ensure that your funds are invested wisely in the most fruitful opportunities in the crypto space.

The founders will be limited to liquidating their INV with rates of more than 20% of the total pool during the first year. This is to avoid dumping and keep the symbolic price stable. It also keeps their interests in harmony with the INV community over the long term

InvestaCo is committed to implementing a completely transparent process even beyond open source. Here are other ways we intend to provide transparency and community control. Engaging in an accounting firm for third party audits, will be reported to the community. Founders will be limited to liquidating their INV at a rate of more than 20% of the total pool in the first year. This is to prevent the dumping and keep the price of the token stable. It also holds their interests in line with the INV community for a long time.

The approval of the community will be used through a contractual agreement based on coinholding and consensus. Voting can approve coin unlocking, club membership policy changes, and other changes affecting the INV community.

A minimum threshold will be required to complete a crowdsale token. ICO will have a series of limits. If the crowdsale does not reach its soft cap of 1 million, any money received in the crowdsale token will be returned to the original wallet. Assuming that the limit of the soft cap is exceeded, but can not exceed 50 million needles, any unused cards will be retained to support liquidity in the market. Any money received after reaching the maximum limit of VND50 million will be returned to the sender’s wallet.

PreICO Price
1 INV = 0.4 USD
1 INV = 0.8 USD
Soft cap
1,000,000 INV
Hard cap
30,000,000 INV
KYC & Whitelist

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