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FiiiCOIN is developed based on FiiiCHAIN



What is Fiiicoin

Fiiicoin is a cryptocurrency created with long-term stability and industrial viability in your mind, is designed to overcome all these constraints — and in a brave new world of borderless spending, it is set to redefine the way cryptocurrencies are used, processed and handled entirely.

About Fiiicoin

FiiiCoin is a transaction network specifically designed for mobile devices mining purpose only. The blockchain technology enable all mobile devices participate in maintaining the blockchain network while leaving it idle and charging battery instead of relying on expensive and powerful computer hardware running 24/7 to do the mining work. The main objective is to create a least effort way and promote re-using the existing available resources(mobile devices) together to take part in maintaining the blockchain. Even the non-IT people or non-crypto fans can easily learn and involve in mining as long as they at least have a smartphone.

In fact, smartphone or any other mobile devices are not suitable to be setup as a blockchain node. The reasons are the computing power is weak, storage capacity is limited to keep a full blockchain and battery powered device are not meant to be 24/7 running all time, and it requires high network bandwidth to synchronize blocks data. If the mobile device runs the node using 4G network, it will finish up all the bandwidth in no time.

FiiiCoin is built using an enhanced version of Proof-of-Capacity consensus algorithm — Delegated Proofof-Capacity (DPoC) to achieve the mobile mining capability while keeping the mobile device from being a full node and perform extensive block synchronization work. FiiiCoin is developed using an in-house built customizable blockchain technology — FiiiChain. FiiiChain provide standard blockchain modules with the “plug-and-play” capability for developers to modify the blockchain characteristic base on the given business requirement.

FiiiCoin Mining System:

Smartphone devices are not good at mining due to their limited storage capacity, weak computing power, low battery due to which mobile device is not capable of maintaining block-chain network 24/7. For synchronizing data in block-chain system mobile networks require 4G technology and if we run up node then mobile can finish up all bandwidth in no time. Fiiicoin mining consensuses are proof of capacity and proof of delegated capacity algorithms that will achieve mobile mining and enable mobiles to fully synchronize with their network.


FiiiCoin Network Architecture:

Fiicoin is a peer to peer network architecture that will connect constantly with multiple nodes to synchronize data within the same network. P2P mean that node connected to server has same privileges and communication capabilities that other have in flat topology. It will also provide other additional services to routing system that will enhance the performance of peer to peer network and new nodes will able to easily access to other nodes within the network. Fiiicoin network contain several master nodes that are distributed worldwide and providing data synchronization service and helping new nodes to find other nodes quickly. Similarly to bitTorent it also has a global tracker system that seeds all active nodes and provides all IP addresses to newly joined node.

FiiiCoin For Online Stores:

Fiiicoin is more than just a crypto wallet and offers you a simply way to shop online and make payments through Fiiipay network. It exchange has power capabilities of multi-crypto transactions and supports more than 1500 crypto coins. Their API is designed to be integrated with any website and online stores and give you an efficient method to send and receive online. Bluetooth 4.0 beacon technology payment system will be used that will broadcast custom pay load data that contains user identity information. FiiiPOS terminal will detect custom pay load and process payment request.


FiiiEX Crypto Exchange :

FiiiEX is a crypto-currency exchange that will allow users to trade crypto currencies online just like other present exchanges. Only the main different will be it will work under the FiiiGroup and supports FiiiPay and FiiiPOS through trading. Their exchange will be linked to their app to check out latest price or trade simultaneously.

Optimization at Its Finest

FiiiCOIN is developed based on FiiiCHAIN, a versatile, fully self-developed blockchain technology powered by its very own consensus mechanism DPoC (Delegate Proof of Capacity).

Compatible with multiple terminals such as computers, smartphones, tablets and all FiiiGROUP-issued terminals, FiiiCHAIN DPoC paves the way for unprecedented participation in the cryptocurrency market where virtually any user with free storage or memory space is able to partake in the mining process.

The FiiiCOIN Advantage On Your Side

Envisioned as the ultimate “benchmark” cryptocurrency, FiiiCOIN was developed following in-depth studies of the design, structure, strengths, and weaknesses of major leading cryptocurrencies. These insights were then translated into the design of FiiiCOIN, resulting in a cryptocurrency that is resolute and robust in design, possessing all the strengths of major cryptocurrencies yet without most of their weaknesses.


easy to use & simplified design.

Everyday Usage Appeal

FiiiCOIN is poised to emerge as a daily use currency, accepted & available everywhere.

Strong Commercial Base

widespread use of various FiiiGROUP-issued hardware and solutions further adding to FiiiCOIN’s stability & commercial app.

Borderless Spending

accepted anywhere around the world, users no longer have to worry about acquiring local currency when traveling.

Fast Transactions

powered by Lightning Network where transactions can be completed almost instantly.

Resistance to ASIC

unique DPoC design where mining productivity is largely dependent on memory space rather than raw processing power.

Lower Transaction Fees

users can freely use, accept, transfer or exchange FiiiCOIN as the transaction fees are attractively low.

Safety & Security

hosted in multiple servers across the world, our FiiiCOIN is less susceptible to hacking or other kinds of manipulation

Detail Token

  • Token Name : Fiii
  • Total Supply : 5,000,000,000
  • Total Coin for Sale : 420,000,000
  • Price : US$0.12
  • Soft Cap : US$15,000,000
  • Hard Cap : US$40,000,000
Joey Huang FOUNDER & CSO
Sylvester Lee CEO & CTO

For more detailed information here

Website : https://www.fiii.io
Whitepaper : https://www.fiii.io/images/doc/whitepaper.pdf
Twitter : https://twitter.com/FiiiLab
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/fiii.io
Telegram : https://t.me/fiiicommunity


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