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Bettium (BETT)-BIG DATA AT WORK FOR YOU and Decentralized market for smart paris between individuals!!!!!!!!!!


Grettings guys,today we are going to discuss about a latest project! named BETTIUM.thank you for your time with us.

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BETTIUM is a Block based decentralized sports gambling platform, presently in development, that’ll be powered by the ETH block when it goes live.Another thing Bettium is not just sports gambling platform, it is analytical platform. AI and Big Data usage makes our platform unique compared to other betting platform that work on Blockchain. The BETTIUM platform is presently holding a token sale for its ERC: 20-based BETT Token.

Who’s Behind BETTIUM platform?

BETTIUM was founded in Sep 2017 and is presently headquartered in Estonia. Executives include CEO Nathan Hunt from USA and Development Manager Business Ben Marrel form Paris, France, and Chief Legal Officer Brian Bellerose from New York City. These group all have years of knowledge in advising or managing businesses, with Bellerose and Hunt specifically being professionals in global business dealings with Russia. Ben Marrel, in the meantime, is a founding collaborator of EU venture capital firm Breega.


– Bettium’s function is to provide a decentralized platform for P2P bets between individual users.
– Bettium provides the user with detailed information about sporting and E-Sport events throughout the world. Users will have access to a database relating to any event of interest, compiled using Big Data techniques.
– Bettium will provide an Application Programming Interface (API) allowing developers to write code and create extensions/apps based on the functionality of the platform.
– Bettium provides access to the statistics and forecasts of experienced experts, through subscription.


A fully decentralized platform, Bettium resolves all the challenges that have plagued traditional betting systems. The platform provides a transparent and safe betting system, completely protected from manipulation by players, third parties, and the bookmaker himself.

P2P betting is by its nature fair and self-regulating: with odds and terms determined by users themselves, there can be no manipulation to cover fees or boost margins. Built-in AI and Big Data capabilities will allow players to develop their own forecasting strategies and combine them with algorithmic capabilities available on the platform. Bettium will also provide access to the statistics and forecasts of successful players, experts and analysts.

Betting and settlement operations take place exclusively through BETT Tokens, which can be bought and sold on an internal exchange. Tokens thus will continue to have intrinsic value long aſter speculators have leſt the market.

Decentralization ensures that the system will be available worldwide, practically immune to shutdown, and free from third-party interference. Under a system of oracles and smart contracts, winnings will be paid instantly and automatically, without the involvement of bookmakers, operators, or any bank/platform that might impede the process.

All users will have access to professional analytical tools and a comprehensive database on players, teams, matches, and events compiled by our Big Data engine. Assistance from AI and expert forecasts will be available to players that want to improve their strategies.


No LimitNo limit on bets, even those with high oddsUltra-Low CommissionsBettium’s 0.15% fee per deal is far lower than the 7-10% charged by traditional bookmakersAll Statistics and Analytics In One PlaceAll detailed analysis and data tools appear in a single user windowInstant PayoutsAll payments, deposits and transactions in tokens are powered by blockchain and occur instantlyReliability and TransparencySmart contracts make all transactions between users secure and transparent, from the very inception of the platformUninterrupted Operation 24/7The system is completely autonomous, independent of third parties, and decentralized, reducing the risk of technical failures to near-zeroUnique FunctionalityBettium supports multiple functionality tailored to the individual, allowing the user to customize a personal interface based on sporting choices, bet volumes, regular peers, preferred analytical tools, and moreLevelling the Playing-FieldBettium provides unique professional capability previously unavailable to ordinary users. In our universe every player is a professional, endowed with the same ability, with access to the same tools.



Bettium Token Distribution

7.5% Private Sale7.5% PreSale40% TokenSale5% Bonus15% Reserve20% Founders & Team0.5% Bounty3% Advisors

Fund Distribution

40% Platform Development17% Tournaments15% Marketing13% Legal Support5% Research10% Operational Costs


Ben Marrel -BDO

Nathan Hunt -CEO

Brian Bellerose -Chief Legal Officer

Ron Lewin -Business and Technology Strategy Executive Manager

Sheldon Bennett -Blockchain Analyst

Alex Kamilov -CTO

Dan Hunt -Software

EngineerAlice Douglas -Investor Relations & Community Manager

Edgard Luque -Full Stack Developer


Peiwei Ni -Chairman and CEO of Super BlockAlexandru Radulescu -Crypto Market AdvisorGary Fowler -Co-Founder and CEO of FindoMaury G -Strategic Advisor -APAC

BETTIUM platform Verdict

BETTIUM platform surely seems to be a novel project that has a few serious powers behind it, at least as a feasible alternative to usual online sports gambling platforms as they stay alive today. Block tech is surely ideal for gaming, gambling, and sports gambling thanks to its extreme levels of security and transparency, and with the count of well-programmed intelligent agreements, the level of mechanization of such a project surely takes the human part out of the equation. When it arrives at betting, the fewer humans involved, the superior — removing the lure for platform adman’s to skew the figures in their favor creates the whole system more equitable and fair.

At the similar time, there is plenty at wager here, and the worth of every investment in BETTIUM platform relies on whether the project becomes not just viable but successful and accepted. BETTIUM platform says that its token is not really meant to be applied theoretically as much as a utility token, so financiers looking for tentative gains might be disappointed. However, if you are an avid sports bettor, or if you are looking for more humble returns in replace for a little more latent stability, then BETTIUM platform might remain hold sufficient interest for you to chase. The low cost of tokens is one more benefit in this case.

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