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Photochain pht

Photochain PHT aims to use blockchain to revolutionize stock photography. Find out how Photochain works today in our review.

Photochain is a decentralized, revolutionary Stock Photography Platform on Blockchain with fair Conditions, lowest Fees on the Market and full Control over the Content for the Contributor. On the IPFS Photochain Database, each uploaded Photo is linked to a Photographer through a Blockchain Transaction. This Link cannot be removed or manipulated in any Way. Copyright is handled by using Machine Learning Bots and the Photochain Community is incentivized through Rewards. Photochain is ahead of its Competitors and ready to disrupt the monopolized Stock Photography Industry. We have a great Team and Board of Advisors (including Ex-Shutterstock Executive and ExLinkedIn Executive). Be Part of our Mission. No Games – Just Photography!

The Photochain dApp emphasizes four core features and functions, including:


Photochain provides blockchain-based security for buyers and sellers so “you can trust your works are safe.”


Digital content is encrypted and stored on the decentralized database. No central business controls your uploaded photography.


Your work is permanently linked to your identity through the blockchain, creating a new blockchain-based form of copyright protection.


The decentralized app can be used exclusively for trading photography. Photochain will sue bots “to ensure only acceptable content is listed.”

One of the core benefits of Photochain is its copyrighting system. They call it Photochain Digital Copyright Chain, or DCC. Artists can link their works to their name, then secure that connection using the blockchain. The Ethereum blockchain secures the transaction, making it visible to users at all times. Anyone can check the Ethereum blockchain to verify that content is copyrighted by a particular person.

Photochain sees their copyright system as superior to “Rights Managed” (RM) copyrighting models as well as “Royalty Free” (RF) copyright models.

Photochain will also have a P2P marketplace where artists can freely distribute their work. Artists can charge different amounts to different buyers. They set their own prices.

Features of PhotoChain

Photochain offers all of the following features:

Claim Module:

Users can use the Claim Module to act against copyright infringements. If a piece of content is suspected of infringing upon copyright, then users can use the Claim Module.

Claims will be processed based on whether or not the image is the same as the one posted on the Photochain DApp, and whether or not the author’s name is attached to that image according to the blockchain.

Photochain’s machine learning mechanisms will analyze whether these requirements are fulfilled, then issue compensation. Larger compensation will require the input of moderators.

Seller Module:

The seller module gives sellers a simple way to offer pieces for sale on the Photochain app.

Content Upload Module:

If you decide to sell a piece on the Photochain app, then you’ll upload photos through the Content Upload Module. After upload, your files will be stored on the IPFS network.

Who’s Behind Photochain PHT?

Photochain was co-founded by Stanislav Stolberg (CEO) and Arthur Ishmetev (CTO). Stolberg is an InfoSec consultant and “digital transformation manager” while Ishmetev is a software architect and full stack developer.

The company is based in Tallinn, Estonia.


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